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Alpha Service Delivery Initiatives

A culture of professional standards and genuine care combine to create a
customer service REALITY that is second-to-none in the dog training industry!

The terms customer service and customer relations are genuine concepts here at Alpha Dog Training

Ser·vice - the system or operation by which people are provided with something they need.

In·i·ti·a·tive - an act or strategy intended to resolve a difficulty or improve a situation; a fresh approach to something

The terms customer service and customer relations are genuine concepts here at Alpha Dog Training and we are proud of the standards we have set in these areas within the dog training industry. When it gets down to it, the best training methods in the world won't account for anything if you can't motivate and communicate with your customers.

Below is a list of service initiatives that have been developed within Alpha to specifically compliment the unique training environment that we have created for our customers. You may not understand fully what all these initiatives are, but if you come down to Alpha you will learn first hand about their importance within the training system as a whole and see them in action with real customers training their real dogs.

At Alpha there is a genuine depth to our service!
  • Highly trained, professional and friendly staff

  • High instructor/staff-to-customer ratios

  • Innovative interactive class structures

  • Revolutionary Split System Obedience levels

  • Pro-active customer relations strategies

  • Flexible learning and assessment system

  • Assessment monitoring and support strategy

  • Before & After class behavioural and training assistance

  • Canine Good Behaviour Shaping Full Day Seminars

  • Member's Information Book & Monthly newsletter

  • Members Canine Help & advice line (talk to a professional trainer every time)

  • Detailed and informative first FREE session and guided tour (Try before you buy)

  • Continued R&D into synergistic service delivery methods

  • Twice weekly service assessment meetings with all staff

Alpha Dog Training  REAL service, REAL RESULTS! Seeing is Believing!

Alpha Dog Training Real service, real results!

Seeing is Believing!