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Socialisation & Distraction Training

The Alpha Integrated Distraction Training Strategy

Socialisation and control under distraction becomes a reality!

With proven training and rehabilitation techniques at their disposal, we have found that virtually all canine behavioural solutions are often only limited by the owners willingness to succeed. As a general rule, with Alpha’s help and support, you can make a huge difference to your dog’s sociability and overall behaviour!

A major part of Alpha Dog Training's research and development over the first ten years has been the focus on reliable obedience under distraction. We have never considered a dog to be truly 'trained' unless it can reliably respond to obedience commands under high levels of distraction. Of course, for this to be a realistic ideal that could be achieved by our customers, we had to ensure that the dog's sociability levels were also conducive to this practical training standard.

Obedience under distraction

Obedience under distraction is a major part of Alpha's training strategy. Families are taught how to work together and get involved in the training process.

The term 'socialisation' is such a broad concept when it comes to dog training, but here at Alpha we have been seriously refining what we consider to be a common sense and practical approach to its inclusion within our training method. Broad as the socialisation concept is, we have always managed to address the owner's needs when it comes to a dog's particular fearful, excitable or aggressive response to various stimuli – in many cases with very exciting results.

However, with the introduction of the Alpha Integrated Distraction Training into every single class and further ongoing education regarding the owner's understanding of their dog's 'Control Zone' (a concept also developed by alpha), the results are far better than ever before. This is due to newly developed training and teaching strategies that render the concept of specific socialisation classes as somewhat dated. Although socialisation classes were a staple part of Alpha's weekly training service for many years, they are now obsolete in favour of a much more practical, effective and common sense approach to dealing with canine sociability problems.

Alpha Dog Training offers dog owners a complete package when it comes to dealing with any problem falling into the socialisation category. This is now achieved through obedience classes that from the very first levels consistently produce dog and owner teams that have the ability to work under constant distraction with incredibly reliable results.

Helping people with dogs that have fear, anti-social or excitability based behavioural problems

At Alpha we regularly help people with dogs that have fear, anti-social or excitability based behavioural problems. Owners can often be apprehensive about sorting these problems out due to embarrassment or because the problem just seems too big to deal with. Please don't let this be the case, we can help make a real difference by showing you how to rehabilitate or safely manage socialisation problems.

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