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Puppy Socialisation & Training Course

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Weekly Classes - Introduction Weekly Classes - 4 Day Fast-Track Course FREE... Puppy Socialisation & Training Course

Train your dog to amazing standards in 4 days!

For the last 20 years we have been teaching professional dog trainers and canine-assisted-therapy handlers how to train their dogs to incredibly high standards on the first few days of their short-intensive courses. Now we are offering the same high standards on a 4 day course that is based on the same principles we teach on our professional courses, but in a format developed specifically for dog owners.

Quick, Convenient, Comprehensive & Effective!

Train your dog to amazing standards in 4 days!

A complete training package for busy owners and their dogs, providing an incredibly high standard of reliable dog training, canine behavioural management and practical owner education, with tangible and relevant results!

Train your dog to amazing standards in 4 days!

This course is perfect for:

  • Owners who are too busy to commit to regular weekly classes.
  • Owners who would like a jump-start for weekly obedience classes.
  • Owners who live interstate, or in areas not close to Alpha's training services.
  • Owners of difficult dogs that need more immediate help to train their dogs.

The practical skills and relevant theory taught on this course provide owners with a 'hands-on' understanding of how to continue the training once home again, including knowledge and techniques for behavioural rehabilitation where required. When you return home you and your dog will be a highly trained team ready to consolidate a new relationship based on leadership and trust.

The 4 Day Fast Track Course includes:

  • Professional instruction, supervision and guidance from experienced instructors who will clearly explain and demonstrate all aspects of the course.
  • Teaching and applying high-level and reliable obedience under distraction. Including off-lead practice of certain exercises to a very high standard.
  • Teaching and applying high-level, reliable Canine Good Behaviour Shaping (manners) under distraction. Including off-lead practice to a very high standard.
  • Informative lectures covering practical aspects of canine behavior and psychology that are relevant and practical when teaching our dogs to listen and behave in the real world.
  • All training equipment supplied (lead & halter).
  • 3 days in our huge indoor training facility at 54 Rushdale Street, Knoxfield - providing specialized training and lecture environments for teaching obedience and manners relevant to common, real-life scenarios.
  • 1 day at our 10 acre training facility, applying the new skills in different indoor/outdoor environments and dealing with any driven behaviour around sheep, ponies, chickens and other dogs.
Train your dog to amazing standards in 4 days!
Train your dog to amazing standards in 4 days!

Courses are run every month of the year - dates can be found on our Facebook page

>> Alpha 4 Day Fast Track Course <<

Applications can be made using the form at the bottom of this page

This unique course is run over four days (Monday - Thursday) at two, purpose built locations:

  • Monday - Wednesday: 8.30am - finishing between 3 & 4pm
  • The Alpha Canine Centre
    54 Rushdale Street, Knoxfield

    Location 1:

    The Alpha Canine Centre is our huge, indoor doggy PlayCare and dog training facility, comprising of many indoor and outdoor training environments and various lecture spaces.

    The focus of the training over the first three days at this location is to build the fundamentals of canine communication and leadership under realistic levels of distraction. Owners will be taught practical and effective skills and strategies, hands-on with their dogs and in real time. The obedience standards are incredibly high and every owner who has been through this intensive training is amazed at how quickly their dogs learn to listen and respond reliably, again, under distraction!

    Canine Good Behaviour Shaping (manners that really matter) is a major part of the training where dogs are taught to listen and behave, off-lead, in the common situations that affect clear and positive leadership on a daily basis. The consistency between obedience and manners is a crucial factor in the success of Alpha's methods, particularly when comes to preventing or rehabilitating unwanted canine behaviours.

    Understanding how your dog learns and how leadership helps to guide our dogs through the human world in which they live is vital to establishing a positive relationship. The lectures conducted throughout the first three days will educate owners on relevant topics that help them to understand what their dog needs from them in order to be safe and sociable in their homes and in the greater communities in which they live.

    Train your dog to amazing standards in 4 days!
  • Thursday: 9am - finishing between 3 & 4pm
  • Alpha Boarding Kennels
    8 Kiernan Road, Macclesfield

    Location 2:

    Alpha Boarding Kennels is our boarding and training facility located on 10 picturesque acres, comprising of open paddocks, dams, indoor training facility, undercover arena and classroom.

    The focus of the training on day four is to take the skills and understanding established on the first three days into a completely different environment that will present new challenges and consolidate the principles of positive leadership. This gives owners an excellent opportunity to work their dogs around different distractions such as sheep, ponies, chickens and different dogs in different situations.

    This important change of location helps owners to understand how their consistent and positive leadership becomes a vital ingredient to their dog's ability to listen and learn under all types of distraction. It takes no time at all for owners to read their dog's body language, assess behavioural reactions or obedience responses, and then apply the appropriate levels of control to match the new situations and environments.


  • $1,200 incl. GST

A $400 deposit is required at the time of booking. The balance of $800 must be paid one week prior to the commencement of the course.

Train your dog to amazing standards in 4 days!

There is no other short course for dog owners that can produce such exciting and positive outcomes for their dogs in both reliable obedience and great manners under distraction.

There is no other course for dog owners that teaches practical and effective methods that have proven successful over the last 18 years on other intensive courses and with over 10,000 owners and their dogs in other Alpha training services. These methods totally redefine the concept of positive dog training by achieving positive outcomes (not just positive theories and rhetoric) in real-time - the proof is in the improvement of the dogs and their behaviour!

There is no other course for dog owners that can offer proven, practical and effective skills and knowledge that is relevant to real-life situations and both the prevention and rehabilitation of unwanted canine behaviour. Owners leave the course with a thorough understanding of what they need to do to assimilate the new skills, knowledge and canine understanding into their daily lives.

There is no other course for dog owners that provides a combination of specialist training locations that have been specifically designed for the teaching of owners and the training of their dogs in a manner that both validates and consolidates the methods being taught.

There is no other course for dog owners that provides experienced instructors who are completely comfortable working with all dogs (excitable, fearful, difficult or aggressive), and can explain and demonstrate everything being taught.

Train your dog to amazing standards in 4 days!
Train your dog to amazing standards in 4 days!
Train your dog to amazing standards in 4 days!
Train your dog to amazing standards in 4 days!
Train your dog to amazing standards in 4 days!

4 day fast-track course application form

Cost: $1,200 (incl. GST)

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Upon receiving your application you will receive your booking confirmation via email. This email will also outline our course payment terms, an indemnity contract and a list of pre-course requirements.