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Problem Solving - Introduction Problem Solving - Full Day Seminar

Canine Good Behaviour Shaping Full Day Seminars

Exclusive to Alpha Customers!

Canine Good Behaviour Shaping Full Day Seminars

Does your dog have any serious behavioural problems?

  • Incessant (nuisance) barking
  • Aggression (to other dogs, to people, to children, to other animals, fear based)
  • Fence fighting neighbour's dogs
  • Separation anxieties
  • Chases the cat or other pets
  • Harassing or chasing the children
  • Dominant behaviours toward family or other dogs
  • Destructive chewing
  • General untrustworthy behaviour

Does your dog have minor problems and require some 'good manners' around the home?

  • Jumps up on anyone uninvited
  • Won't settle when guests arrive (BBQs etc)
  • Barges through the back door into the house uninvited or out the front door uninvited
  • Jumps up on the back door or windows demanding to come inside
  • Jumps in or out of the car uninvited
  • Barges out the side gate/roller door etc
  • Puts feet up on kitchen bench/dinning table jumping on tables
  • Pinching of toys, clothing, TV remote etc
  • Stealing items or food off coffee table
  • Jumping up on couch, chairs, beds uninvited
  • Running silly through the house (especially when first inside)
  • Pushy attention seeking - mouthing and biting
  • Wanders into rooms that you would prefer to be 'off limits'

Linking your dog's good behaviour and 'manners' with obedience training

Linking your dog's good behaviour and 'manners' with obedience training

Come and learn the skills we can't teach you in classes

Alpha Dog Training members are invited to attend an exciting full day training seminar aimed at complimenting the techniques learned in your weekly obedience classes. This full day course is designed to give owners a chance to master the language and techniques of reinforcements and reward relevant to common daily interactions with their dogs.

This is achieved through a series of workshops and lectures that provide owners with the important hands-on experience and vital understanding of their dog's behaviour relating to the teaching of 'great manners'. Nothing beats actually seeing it and doing it in real time! By the end of the day you will be highly skilled in the techniques of Canine Good Behaviour Shaping.

What is Canine Good Behaviour Shaping?

Over the last 12 years Alpha's Training Director, Greg Fontana has been actively researching and developing dog training techniques that apply to both effective obedience and practical problem solving. Through his successful Boarding School For Dogs (BSFD) business, Greg has been privileged to work with dogs in the owner's own homes and as a result has witnessed many behavioural problems that just would not be seen in the weekly training (Alpha) environment.

Over the last three years in particular, Greg has formulated an effective and practical approach to teaching owners how to achieve a clear leadership position within the relationship with their dogs and in doing so has successfully helped to solve many, many behavioural problems. In many of these cases the problems had persisted through several attempts by other training methods, veterinary advice and professional (veterinary) behaviourist's consultations and as a result were often thought to be unmanageable and beyond modification. We have proven that this was not the case and the strategies used to solve these problems are simple to understand and quick to gain results!

The techniques and strategies developed through BSFD are now a complete behavioural modification and management system known as Canine Good Behaviour Shaping. The focus of the training has shifted from the obedience exercises and on to general behaviour shaping that is relevant to all interactions with your dogs. The techniques used are directly related to the training method Alpha customers learn in their obedience classes and can be easily taught in a day-long seminar.

Canine Good Behaviour Shaping identifying canine leadership challenges and successfully teaching our dogs to behave under distraction.

Course Overview

9am 9.45am

Step-away exercise under distraction timing, tone, the circle correction & contrasting praise

9.45am 11.30am

Canine Good Behaviour Shaping
  • Canine leadership defined
  • the link between obedience and your dog's good behaviour
  • The Rules Of Engagement
  • The Quadrants of Good Behaviour Shaping (The 4 leadership challenges)
includes Power Point presentation and video footage, demonstrations and reference booklet

11.30am 12.15pm

Quadrant 1: Full demonstration and explanation

12.15pm 1.15pm

Gourmet lunch provided

1.15pm 2pm

Quadrant 2: Full demonstration and explanation

2pm 3.30pm

Quadrant 3: Full demonstration and explanation

3.30pm 4.15pm

Quadrant 4 (includes Behavioural Problem Solving): proven tactics and strategies on solving any of your dog's annoying or more serious behavioural issues.



All workshops include demonstrations of the techniques being taught!

Testimonials from Alpha customers who have attended the Canine Good Behaviour Shaping Full Day Seminar

What Boarding School For Dogs customers have said about Canine Good Behaviour Shaping

"I am writing to update you all on the progress of bouncer who attended your 10 day boarding school. He is like a new dog. The kids love being able to play with him without Bouncer jumping all over them. I have got all the commands that I was taught down pat and he is dropping for a minimum of 1 hour now if I let it go that long. I am really enjoying his company now without having to yell at him or send him outside. Now I know what it feels like having a friend for life that I can enjoy taking for a walk and playing with him without being naughty all the time."
- Dean Hayes & Bouncer (1 Y.O. Boarder Collie X)

"You trained my dogs Minty and Ebony and they have also been boarded with you. I must say the training was fantastic. Minty was very naughty but loveable when he came to you for the training and he returned a well trained dog and even more lovable. Ebony was young and didn't have any training when she came to you. She is now very obedient.

It is lovely to be able to move around the house without them barging in front of me every time I go through a door. They stay in the family room even with all the doors open. We can now do things in the backyard without them jumping on us and put them on command.

When I originally booked them in for the training I did not believe you would be able to train them on all things you said you would and would have been happy if they only did half the things promised. However you certainly delivered. They also walk perfectly on their leads instead of pulling us around the block. I was worried they may lose their personalities with all the training, however they came back the same dogs and well behaved."
- Anne Dalton & Minty and Ebony (Labradors)

"It has taken us far too long to write and thank you for what you have done for us. Before we brought our Beagles to you they were out of control. Jumping on the couch, running around in the house, and just not listening to us at all. They sit on command and drop and will not move until "free". No more sitting on the couch, when I say bed time it's bed time on their bed not ours! Every time we go to the park other people just can't believe we let them off the lend to run around. When we call them they come back. We feel very proud to have such obedient dogs, it makes them such a joy to be around. So thank you very much to all the staff at Boarding School For Dogs for a truly wonderful job, well done."

- J & L McDonald & Emma and Charles (Beagles)

"4 months down the track and she still hasn't tried to get out again. She is better with people coming to see us, she still barks to warn us but now when we say "enough" she listens and stops. She is altogether a changed dog. People who saw the 'before' and 'after' Tinker can't believe the change in her, she is a much more nicer and confident dog now."
- Jodie & Tinker (Jack Russell)

" would have been most proud of Digby when we took him to the vets on Saturday morning last, to have his C5 vaccination and his heartworm injection - David said he was extremely well behaved, cried when the injection went in, but was very good in the waiting room before and afterwards! I met him there after dropping Meg off at dancing although I stood my distance and spied on him through the window first - I was speechless at his behaviour! He is a completely different dog since he knows who is boss and that it's not him. He was as good as gold when he went to the dog groomer too - she commented on his good behaviour and said how happy he appeared!"

- Sarah, David and Meg Smythe & Digby (Wheaten Terrier)
- one of the most difficult dogs we've ever trained due to his severe anxiety problems!

"I have been monitoring Gus' barking and I believe he is now very well behaved in that respect. I am also pleased to say that now on most evenings Gus spends his time relaxing on the floor in the lounge room. Guests have also noticed the change in Gus and are no longer concerned about greeting him. Our walks have also greatly improved and I am now able to walk past houses with other dogs behind fences without having my arm pulled out of the socket and I am also able to stop and speak to people without Gus jumping all over them."
- Jodie Mackin & Gus (Lab X Border Collie)

"A BIG THANK-YOU for the wonderful training you did with our Red Heeler-'STORM'. We are totally satisfied with her now that we can finally truly appreciate her!!!! You have worked wonders! She rarely barks now & is more obedient to us than ever, which we wanted. We HIGHLY recommend you to any one. We wish you all the very best."
- Tom, Anita & Storm (Red Heeler)

"Now our turn.... Misty did it for us too!!!!! WOW is all I could think. We threw everything at her, cats, kids, visitors and still she did as asked. Now it was time for Greg to go, oh no..... It still worked. I could feel the connection, Misty knew what we were asking, we knew how to ask. Finally we were on the same page. Now the big test.... Bed time.... Earlier in the night Misty had barked at the next doors gate, I had marked her and she didn't bark again (no correction) But now it was bed time... ahhh... 10 minutes after lights out... no barking.. 20 minutes... no barking.. wake up the next morning.. no barking all night!!!!! The next night .. earlier in the night a possum - marked, corrected - that night we all slept, all night, Misty did not bark all night."
- Trina Clarke & Misty (Mastiff X)

"Maeve has, as yet, not attempted to escape. Hopefully she has decided that this is not such a bad place to live. She still loves everyone but is a lot more relaxed, and doesn't need quite so much reassurance. She has now stopped following other people in the park and requesting pats and tickles. Charlie, though is the most remarkable one, he even lets other people touch him (no hint of him wanting to bite their hand off). The people who frequent the local park where we take them have known him from a puppy and are amazed at the change. He has even approached them for a tickle - truly unbelievable. They both now sit on a slight tug of the lead or verbal request and Charlie is very happy to "drop" on request, he also seems to have lost the angry look in his eye. They both continue to improve by the day."
- Maria Loomes & Charlie and Maeve (Kelpie X & Staffy X)

"Darcy received some much needed training and thankfully came back a different dog. Prior to the training Darcy was getting away with some rather unacceptable behaviour such as jumping on kitchen benches and people, pulling on the lead while being walked, and generally running riot while inside. Darcy now walks by my side, automatically sits at the kerb before crossing the road and heels on command. You also gave us the confidence to deal with him when he misbehaves while inside and although he still occasionally tries to be naughty we have as a family learned how to deal with him - he now knows who is boss!"
- The Maxwell family & Darcy (Golden Retriever)

What Alpha Dog Training customers have said about Canine Good Behaviour Shaping

Insights & Impressions From the Seminar

  • Alpha training is about leadership and you're the leader of the pack in your household no matter how many dogs there are.
  • The most impressive and exciting thing for me was watching each person go through the gate control session. There were 10 people and their dogs, from beginners to advanced and all the dogs reacted in the same way to the exercise. This was a "light bulb" experience for me, everything made sense.
  • Coming as I do from a teaching and research background I am so impressed by the research and Methodology you have used, Greg, to inform your conclusions. It seems to me as though it has been a very large randomised, controlled trial.
  • The fundamental lynch pin of Alpha Training is respect. Sure the methods are tried, true and well researched but respect seems to me to be a fundamental vital ingredient common to all interaction that goes on in classes between trainers, participants and their dogs. All the trainers lead by example.

"Thank you Greg & Amy for a most rewarding day, and for not only helping me gain the leadership skills to train the dogs but also for breaking one of the worst and longest periods of writers block I have every endured. Training Peppa has been the most rewarding thing I have done and I count it as a top achievement. Now to the next challenge OLD DOGS NEW TRICKS SURE CAN. Casper is back at training"
- Julie Hume

"Dear Greg and the team

Thank you so much for the full day seminar on good behaviour shaping for Rosie (the lab puppy) and myself. Doing an intense course like that I believe, is going to make training Rosie a lot easier for me because I have retained the techniques with a more clearer understanding. Being shown practical situations and how to deal with them under your guidance and going through the techniques watching other owners with their dogs, made the learning process so much easier and fun!"
- Sally Rigby

"Hi Greg and Amy,

I would like to thank you for the wonderful Good Behaviour Shaping Day Seminar we attended yesterday (31/03/2007).

It was such a full day - both and myself and Annie learnt alot. We have been coming to training since January, but this day really helped make everything I had learnt so far make more sense, and showed me how to apply the same techniques into the home environment, where, up 'til now Annie had really been a nightmare!!!

I admit I was sceptical at first and thought we may need to come to a few repeat seminar days, since Annie is so stubborn. So I was extremely surprised and delighted when I was able to leave the gate and the door open, and Annie (and the other dogs who attended) did not barge out!!! I felt so reassured and hopeful after this experience, and was excited about trying it at home.

At home last night I had to do one circle correction when Annie ran through the door uninvited, and then she looked at the open door and slowly retreated to her outside mat!!!! I think this was a breakthrough!!!! We went outside into the back garden today and she did not once attempt to jump up on myself or my small children - another major breakthrough!!!! Previously the children would be bowled over and 'humped' if they ever dared to go outside, and so they rarely did (except when Annie and I went to training!!).

I am so happy with these results and will try to be consistent with watching her behaviour and not letting her get away with anything!!! I don't think she will need to repeat the day after all now.

The day was so well planned with interesting and varied activities and information sessions. You all put in 100% effort to ensure we got as much possible out of the day, and were so generous in providing beautiful morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. It was just so lovely. The day went so fast and we certainly slept well last night.

Thankyou for providing the day, it was extremely valuable and enjoyable."
- Katie Weerasinghe

"Hi Greg,

Just a short feedback on the Seminar today. Roma and I both found the day very informative and useful. It highlighted some areas which we were perhaps not being consistent in.

The structure of the day seemed to be very well planned from our perspective and, I believe, achieved it's aims. I have attended many seminars and day conferences over the years and could not fault today from a "people point of view".

Thank you (and your team) for the day's effort and for the confidence instilled.

And, of course, our compliments to the chef!

Regards, Keep Smiling"
- Derek and Roma Thurgood