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Alpha Veterinary Puppy Partnership Program

Due to many reasons many veterinary clinics are unable to run their own puppy classes, yet they still wish to provide this valuable service to their clients. Puppy classes bring in valuable new business and improve existing clients relationship with the practice.

Well run puppy classes provide owners with early training and socialisation tools, which will aid in the prevention of behavioural problems later in life. Educating puppy parents to train and socialise their dogs ultimately improves the bond them and is directly related to increased good outcomes for dogs. The Alpha Veterinary Puppy Partnership is a program designed to bring together the expertise of two worlds – positive results training methods by highly experienced behavioural trainers, with preventative health practices by qualified, caring veterinary staff. We take care of the training and socialisation while you take care of health care.

How the partnership works

Alpha Dog Training are Australia’s premiere preventative dog training and behavioural rehabilitation experts. Running for 20 years we have established an enviable reputation – for good reason. Our class instructors are experienced and qualified dog behavioural trainers with a wealth of experience in canine behavior and social development. We are known for the positive results we get. Upon completion of lessons with us, your clients will attend a final lesson on health care, by one of your staff in your clinic for.

Booking in

As part of the program you will receive a list of Perfect Start Puppy Class dates and times. Your clinic will keep a record of those wishing to attend class. Your clinic will book your clients into one of our Perfect Start Puppy Classes. This is best done via email as we require details such as the owners name, puppy’s name, breed, age, email and phone as well as which class date you wish to enroll them in. You will also need to include how many puppy vaccinations they have received.

When booking your clients for their class, inform them they qualify to receive a bonus from your clinic by attending all three classes. They will receive an Alpha Veterinary Puppy Partnership card that must be presented at each lesson. This card will be used for checking off their attendance and cards cannot be replaced if lost or forgotten. Without this card, they will not qualify for a bonus. Fill in the card with the puppy’s name and the class dates. The Alpha Canine Centre address is on the card for easy reference.

Finally explain that their puppy must be wearing a collar (not a harness) and have a normal leash (not a retractable lead) for training, and they should arrive 5-10 minutes before their class so we can record their attendance and stamp their card stamp.

Lesson 1 & 2

Alpha Dog Training will provide 2 FREE 1.5 hour puppy classes covering training, behavioural and socialisation principles, at our purpose, renovated building, The Alpha Canine Centre. It is the Southern hemsiphere’s largest privately owned indoor dog training and day care facility. Upon arrival your client’s will check in and we will stamp their partnership card. We will make them feel welcome and they may view our facility and activities while waiting. We also provide free tea & coffee. Your client’s dog training and behavioural needs will be looked after by us, the experts and, their class will include hands on help and media presentations. At the end of lesson 1, they will receive a show bag with samples, brochures and handout sheets on toilet training and socialization, and vouchers worth $97.00.

Lesson 3

You will provide 1 FREE 1 hour lesson covering preventative health care, by a qualified, caring and professional staff member in your practice. Your class will cover products and protocols your practice recommends such as worming, parasite control, diet and desexing. This is an opportunity for your clients to get to know your clinic and staff better, and an opportunity to play with their classmates again.

Your client’s health care needs will be looked after by your practice. As a reward for completing the program, you will present your clients with a bonus offer from your clinic valued at $25 or more. This is an incentive to attend all lessons, and to return to you for further veterinary care and advice. The bonus may be in the way of free products, or discounts on products or services such as vaccinations or desexing.


How many puppies can we accommodate in a class?

The Alpha Canine Centre is very large. We can accommodate up to 15 puppies in a class. As bookings are necessary, if classes will be on the larger size, we can roster extra staff.

Why must we book in our clients – can’t they just come to you?

Booking in your clinic cements the partnership in your customer’s minds. This give authenticity to the program being your clinic’s puppy school, not a puppy school you are sending them away to. Also by booking in your clients you will be able to keep track of how many are doing the classes, so that you can schedule the final class - preferably as a group. Customers can come directly to us and many do through our contacts and reputation, however those who come directly to us for puppy classes won’t receive the 3rd lesson on health care, unless they have come through the partnership. That is an exclusive benefit of participating in the program.

Will you service our clients exclusively?

No. As well as attracting our own customers, we accept puppy referrals from many veterinary clinics. However we will not send your clients to another clinic. The partnership is a way of rewarding your customers and ensuring they return to you. We have this arrangement with other vets. We provide the training expertise and vets service their own clients.

Why the incentive?

The incentive is to motivate your clients to attend all 3 classes, as they are all important. We feel puppy socialisation and training are an essential part of having a well balanced, and happy adult dog. You are agreeing to give this bonus only to those who have attended all 3 lessons, rather than to those who do not attend all 3. To ensure that pups get the perfect start we provide a community service, as we do after all care about dogs. The classes are free, and we give owners vouchers to the value of nearly $100, as well as product samples and information. We trust that our partners care enough to do the same.

Of course any other bonuses or incentives you wish give to attract clients to your clinic is your business. What do you get out of the classes if they are free?

We find many people enjoy their classes and the practical and caring help they receive so much, they decide to continue on with some form of training, either at our school, or PlayCare. Many attendees tell their friends, family and neighbours about us!

How are Perfect Start Puppy Classes/Partnership promoted?

We find that thorough knowledge of the program, how it works and enthusiasm by your staff will go a long way. We recommend your staff pay us a visit so we can give them a tour of the facility and we can answer questions. Better still is for your staff to attend one of the Perfect Start Puppy Classes themselves, so they know what it entails.

Our website contains lots of valuable information about our Perfect Start Puppy Classes as well about the Alpha Veterinary Partnership Program. As a partner you will need to set up a link on your clinic website to our Perfect Start Puppy Classes page.

We will promote your practice on our vet partner webpage, and tell them about your offer. We will provide a link on our website to your clinic. We also take photos during classes, which may be used for promotions.

Clients who contact to us through our own sources, can view the list and select a partner from the list. As we frequently get customers who are in the market for a new vet, you may also pick up a new client this way, this is why it helps you to have a great offer in your program.

Additionally we can provide a promotional video for display in your clinic waiting room to generate interest.

Who pays for the partnership cards and stamps?

We each pay half the costs. Cards will be ordered in lots of 250. There will be an initial set up design fee for the cards + the 250 cards. Subsequent orders will be half the cost of printing 250 cards. Our signature paw print stamps can be purchased on an individual basis although we recommend you have a minimum of 2 incase one is lost or the ink runs out. When you require more cards or stamps, you can email us or call. Cards and stamps will be sent directly to your clinic.

We will order the cards and stamps and send you an invoice for half the costs. This is the only outlay and it works out much cheaper than paying a staff member to run a puppy school.

Who designs the cards and stamps?

We do. We have a design already prepared. We require you’re a file of your clinic logo to be put on the partnership card. You will need to supply this to us. If you can provide a style guide this will assist us in preparing the card.

How does my practice join the partnership program?

Fill out the online expression of interest form, or send us an email to and we will contact you to discuss the partnership. If you have any questions not covered in the FAQs then feel free to give us a call on 9753 5766 Option 1, and state you are a vet clinic interested in the Alpha Veterinary Puppy Partnership. To formalize the partnership you will need to fill out some paperwork, which can be downloaded here.

What if we want to change the bonus or opt out the Alpha Veterinary Puppy Partnership program?

Simply inform us in writing so we can update the new details of your bonus offer on our website. If you wish you can be removed from the program at any time. Simple.