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Puppy Socialisation & Training Course

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Refresher Day Workshops

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Weekly Classes - Introduction Weekly Classes - 4 Day Fast-Track Course FREE... Puppy Socialisation & Training Course

Weekly Dog Obedience Classes

Alpha Dog Training offers weekly training sessions in Knoxfield at:

Alpha Canine Centre
54 Rushdale Street
Knoxfield Vic 3180

FREE first session (no obligation, try before you buy)

Sunday: 10am to 11.30am
Wednesday: 7pm to 8.30pm

Please arrive early (15 minutes), just wander in looking lost, and we'll take care of the rest!

Please bring your dog, this session includes a free class.

We Train Rain, Hail or Shine!

Classes are held every Wednesday evening and every Sunday morning. The puppy education session and different obedience levels run over two, one-hour sessions with Levels 1 – 3 and Puppy Class running in the first hour and Levels 4 – 6 and Advanced Class running in the second hour.

Each obedience class is followed by a 20 minute help & advice session where customers can receive extra help with their obedience exercises or advice on behavioural problem solving. With extremely high instructor ratios of about 1 instructor to three or four dogs in each class, there is plenty of expert advice to go around.

Alpha Dog Training does not train on long weekends, but does train through school holidays and only has a short break over the Christmas period.

Complete our online form or send an email or call for our detailed information brochure that includes times, pricing and an overview of our training services.

When you call us you will always talk directly to a professional dog trainer who is more than happy to discuss our services with you!

The Alpha "Split System" Class Structure

Canine Communication & Leadership Classes

Much, much more than just obedience training!

Positive Dog Training That Actually Works!

The Alpha Canine Group is the industry pioneer of the positive training outcome, applying proven communication and leadership methods that teach our puppies and dogs to listen, when required, in the common, real-life situations that affect the development of their overall good behaviour on a daily basis.

Alpha Dog Training has taken the group, dog training class concept to exciting and new levels of professionalism by developing an indoor, full-time training facility... the largest, privately owned indoor dog training facility in the southern hemisphere.

The Alpha Canine Centre (For Play, Learning & Social Development) provides a unique training and socialisation environment for dogs of all breeds, size and age. The building itself has undergone a renovation and inspired fit-out to transform it from a tired factory and office space into a modern, multi-purpose dog training and dog day care facility unlike any other in our industry. On size and scale alone the facility is genuinely impressive, but it's what we can achieve for our clients and their dogs in the many multi-purpose spaces that is the most exciting aspect of the entire project.

This new facility is the culmination of over 17 years dedicated, hands-on research and development into a progressive dog training and behavior shaping system that provides dog owners with the much-needed practical skills and common sense knowledge required to manage their dogs in real-life situations – in their homes, around the family and out amongst the communities in which they live.

This dog training (and doggy PlayCare) facility has been designed to deliver to dog owners the best possible instruction in an environment that allows their dogs to learn how to listen under distraction. The Alpha Canine Group has, since 1996, pioneered and proven many positive and effective dog training methods and behavioural theories that have been focused on genuine results and positive outcomes for owners and their dogs. We have many, many dogs training at the puppy, beginner and advanced levels to prove these claims – nothing beats actually seeing the results achieved by real owners and their dogs!

The 1500+ square metre facility has a host of features that help improve the learning processes for both owners and their dogs.

Features include:

  • Shelter form the elements with added cooling and heating when required.
  • Multiple, indoor training arenas of varying size and shape to allow for novel and stimulating learning scenarios in group or private training sessions, including safe off-lead practice of obedience exercises and general off-lead practice of manners (Canine Good Behaviour Shaping).
  • Separate, large, multi-purpose lecture and training rooms for specialised group or individual sessions, or for client and public lectures.
  • The Alpha Puppy Education Centre – a large, puppy training space with multimedia facilities and specialized equipment designed for Alpha's specialized Puppy Social And Behavioural Development Workshop Series – taking puppy training, manners, socialization and problem solving to amazing new levels of relevance and practicality!
  • Novel training surfaces, equipment and socialisation environments (sights and sounds) to help develop the confidence of puppy, adolescent and adult dogs.
  • Large HD multimedia screens positioned throughout the complex that can be used by instructors to show video footage before, during or after classes of real-life applications and practice strategies (in home environments and other locations away from the training centre) for the obedience exercises being taught in specific classes. This takes class instruction and practice strategies to entirely new levels of relevance and practicality – see exactly how to practice at home (on and off lead) under realistic distraction.

Many of these features are a first for our industry and I'm sure that it will take some time to refine how we use this awesome facility. As we progress into 2015 we will endeavor to provide the best service we can for our members and look forward to helping you all to achieve the positive outcomes you require to build a better relationship with your dogs.

The class structures include the following concepts:

  • Leadership Obedience Training: building a relationship where the owner is the leader and the dog is the follower. Leadership develops trust and respect and can be recognised through the dog's willingness and ability to listen and respond appropriately when distracted – particularly in situations where it once ignored the owner. We will include more exercises that appropriately and effectively develop the dog's ability to listen when distracted.
  • Canine Good Behaviour Shaping: Manners that really matter. Each level focuses on a particular set of manners in the first-timer class and then members can ask for more specific help at the end of class. Use of video footage and hands-on 'set-ups' in real-time will help to clearly explain why each set of manners is so important to the overall leadership process.
  • Include 'from the collar' practice for the most used obedience exercises around the home in the 4-and-over split classes.
  • Focus on the process of what to do when a pup or dog resists certain exercises and how to practice at home in a manner that promotes genuine improvement in reliability of the core exercises. We will give more realistic examples of how to create challenges that promote honest mistakes during practice to help the dog learn and to stimulate the owner's understanding of their dog's behavior. Owners need to fully understand the importance of overcoming resistance in obedience and manners and that the exercise that seem the most challenging is in fact the one that needs the most attention until it becomes reliable.
  • Owners need to understand that all exercises (obedience & manners) are important and complimentary to each other. Combining obedience and manners is the key to 'relaxed', off-lead control under distraction.
  • Focus on teaching owners to recognise their dog's body language – The 4 Rs (Read, Recognise, Relate & Respond). Many training and behavioural issues can be avoided if the owner can recognise and then interrupt their dog's behavioural choices before they reach an uncontrollable level. Learn to recognise warning signals – posture and eyeballing. It can happen to any dog at any time – particularly dogs that are still maturing (under 3 years of age).
  • Suggestions as to how the commands can be used for practical purpose in day-to-day life once a reliable standard has been achieved. In first-timer classes at all levels, we will show videos of the obedience exercises being taught in class also being applied in real-life scenarios away from the training centre in real homes and situations.
  • At the end of classes there is an allocated trainer also showing video examples of practice at home for those seeing it for the first time, or those wanting a refresh.

Session 1 (Sunday 10 - 11am, Wednesday 7 – 8pm)

First Timer Introduction Session

Puppy Social & Behavioural Development Classes

1st Time Group & Main Group

Level One

1st Time Group, 2nd & 3rd Class Group, 4 Classes & Over Group

  • Stepping-up
  • Sit
  • Sit Step-away
  • How to practice Sit and Sit Step-away on collar

  • Canine Good Behaviour Shaping – gate/boundary (1st timers)

Level Two

1st Time Group, 2nd & 3rd Class Group, 4 Classes & Over Group

  • Heeling & Auto-halt
  • Stand
  • How to practice on Stand collar
  • Canine Good Behaviour Shaping – food on coffee table (1st timers)
  • Revision
    • Improve Stepping-Up
    • Improve Sit
    • Improve Sit Step-away
  • FREE walking (generally taught after class)

Session 2 (Sunday 11am - 12pm, Wednesday 8pm – 9pm)

Level Three

1st Time Group, 2nd & 3rd Class Group, 4 Classes & Over Group

  • Backwards Drop
  • Drop Step-away
  • Stand Step-away
  • Recall (to name)

  • How to practice Backwards Drop, Drop Step-away, Recall To Name and Stand Step-away on collar.
  • Canine Good Behaviour Shaping – Interruption from challenging distraction (ball, food, toy etc) whilst the dog is in the FREE.
  • Revision
    • Improve Stand (SLL, contrast in general communication, 1st command)
    • Improve Heeling (SLL, contrast in general heeling communication, effective Contrasting Correction when required)

Level Four

  • Leadership Obedience Certificate Level

  • Check
  • All previous exercises to first command

  • TEST: All obedience to a reliable standard on halter (Recall on collar)
    Demonstrate effective re-setting if required. Show us that you can work through any resistance on any exercise. Show us that you know what to do when things don't go to plan!
    1. Stepping Up (as separate exercise – no Sit command)
    2. Sit
    3. Sit Step-away (2 minutes)
    4. Heeling & Auto-halt
    5. Stand
    6. Stand Step-away (1 minute)
    7. Drop
    8. Drop Step-away (30 minutes)
    9. Recall To Name (on collar)
    10. Check
  • Canine Good Behaviour Shaping:
    • Gate boundary from free
    • Food on table from free
    • Leaving bouncing ball/food/toy from free

Leadership & Communication Level

This class is a specialist, ongoing level – parallel to Advanced for those who don’t wish to go to Advanced. Teaching Good Behaviour Shaping topics on rotation and continuing obedience to a higher standard on halter and collar.

  • All core obedience exercises to high standard on halter.
  • Off-lead for exercises taught in core levels (1 – 4)
  • Distraction & Socialisation topics on rotation
  • Canine Good Behaviour Shaping topics on rotation

Advanced Leadership & Communication Level

All on Halter

1st Time Group & Main Group

  • All Fundamental Obedience Exercises (level 1 – 4)
  • Flip Recall (to Heel)
  • Sit, Drop, Stand From-The-Free (long lead)
  • Sit, Drop, Stand Transitions
  • Sit, Drop, Stand On-The-Move
  • Canine Good Behaviour Shaping – Advanced boundary setting (Rope boundary with dogs in free – different locations)

Off-lead Advanced Leadership & Communication Level

1st Time Group & Main Group

On collar & Off-lead

  • All Previous Fundamental and advanced Exercises
  • Sit, Drop, Stand From-The-Recall
  • Sit, Drop, Stand Out-In-Front (on the spot) 20 meters
  • Advanced Off-lead Canine Good Behaviour Shaping