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Comments from our customers

Collin with Ollie & Jack

Collin Marshall
with Ollie, a 2.5yr Maltese x and Jack, a 6mth Jack Russell x

"Ollie is in advanced, but our new dog Jack whom we recently adopted was faced with euthanasia because of his dog aggression he's now reformed and a different dog! Thanks Alpha."

Alice with Jack

Alice Tremlett
with Jack, a 5yr Jack Russell

"The obedience and behaviour training is practical and common sense the owner training is excellent!"

Kylie with Ashes

Kylie Bergin
with Ashes, a 12mth Kelpie x

"The best training method I've ever tried, and I've tried a few! We've flown through the levels and are now in advanced 3"

Tim & Tracey with Jackson

Tim & Tracey Berryman
with Jackson, a 2yr Mastiff x

"Alpha Dog Training... We love it!"

Lisa with Blake

Lisa Ranahan
with Blake, a 14mth Cavoodle

"Lots of phone support, love the kennels, a style of obedience I've not seen before."

Iain with Poppy & Zues

Iain Withers
with Poppy 3y3m & Zues 6y6m Dobermans

"Alpha's a fantastic place to train and the method really works!"

Derek with Aslan

Derek Thurgood
with Aslan, a 2yr Labradoodle

"I recommend Alpha, their training makes life so much easier and has improved Aslan's behaviour"

Christine with Chloe

Christine Deutsher
with Chloe, a 4yr Jack Russell

"I have tried other methods, but this is the best! Now Chloe is happy to do what she is told, when she is told even when there are lots of things happening around us."

Rob with Jack

Rob Kerr
with Jack, a 9mth Borzoi

"The instruction is very clear, consistent and it works! The support we receive is excellent and the instructor's understanding of dog behaviour is great."

Christine with Bailey

Christine Wright
with Bailey, a 5.5mth Jack Russell

"It's given me confidence with my handling, the consistency of the method helps with my two dogs. The teaching is simple to learn and the staff are so helpful!"

Pat with Abbey

Pat Brain
with Abbey, a 2yr Miniature Dachshund

"The training and service is excellent!"

Wendy & Tony with Blade & Ripley

Wendy & Tony Bacalja
with Blade 5yr & Ripley 2y6m Staffies

"Life's unbelievable now, they're a pleasure to walk! The impact of the training on all 5 staffies has been fantastic and the dogs get excited when we're coming to classes!"

Alysha with Meka

Alysha Hart
with Meka, a 7mth St Bernard

"The help is very good and the instructors are very friendly. The obedience system really makes it easy to learn the exercises!"

Claire & Blair with Oscar & Pippy

Claire & Blair Webb
with Oscar, a 3yr Golden Retriever & Pippy, a 8yr Parsons Jack Russell

"The change in Oscar's behaviour was so tremendous that we decided to train our older dog Pippy. Oscar is so easy to walk now. We have experienced other training before, but Alpha's been far more successful!"

Aaron with Mossimo

Aaron Struhs
with Mossimo, a 15mth Doberman

"A must do for all dog owners, especially the full day good behaviour seminar it did us wonders!"

Alisha with Rajah

Alisha Halstead
with Rajah, a 2yr Great Dane

"Alpha's training makes home life easy and a pleasure with the dogs!"

Joanne with Keira

Joanne Adams
with Keira, a 9mth Akita

"The training is quick and effective and has changed my relationship with Keira. She is a big dog and now it's so much easier to control her."

Tia with Zack

Tia Hume
with Zack, a 14mth Great Dane x Boxer

"Zack is such a big dog and now he really listens to me. All the trainers are so friendly and the training method is the same all the way through the levels."